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Being human isn't easy...

We all have times in life where things feel too much to cope with alone. Maybe you feel stuck, or lost. Maybe you’ve lost sight of what is important, or feel like life lacks hope or purpose. It might have been a long time coming and you’ve been feeling like this for a while, or maybe something has happened which has left you shocked, numb or filled with sadness, anger, or fear. 

How therapy can help

Your therapy is about you, your experience and your life. Your hopes, your fears and everything in between. It enables and supports an exploration of whatever you are thinking or feeling, no matter how confusing, or sad, dark, or hopeless it might seem. Therapy can give time, space and awareness to the way you are living and being. Above all, I believe therapy is about hope; for the future, for your life, and for change.

Some of the reasons people come to therapy are:
  • Depression/anxiety

  • Painful memories

  • Grief/bereavement

  • Shame

  • General low mood/feelings of emptiness or numbness

  • Fearfulness

  • Relationship/parenting issues

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or lost

  • A sense of not knowing where life is going or what the point of it is

  • Career direction

  • Confusing or frightening thoughts and feelings

  • Identity worries

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